This telescope appearance and workmanship is very good.Completely weathered the military test demanding "six trials", waterproof, waterproof, shockproof, good environmental adaptability, can be in in - 43 ° ~ + 55 ° under the conditions of use.An exit pupil distance up to 25.4 mm, is wear glasses is also very easy to use.An exit pupil diameter of 5 mm, real-time in the case of the light is dim can effectively enhance the visibility and clarity.The use of special coating process, make the light transmittance is greater than or equal to 82.3%, imaging is very clear and transparent feeling, administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling is also quite good .

Military  binocular 10X50,98-style feature

Lens magnification 10×

Entrance pupil Diameter: φ50㎜

Exit pupil diameterφ: 5.2㎜

Exit pupil distance: 20.8㎜

Field of view: 6.1°(107m/1000m)

Minimum focussing distance: 12.5m

Relative brightness :27

Dusk index: 22.8

Resolution: ≤5.2″

Waterproof: 1.5m 30minNitrogen fillingyes