The infrared thermal imager is also known as the use of infrared night vision binoculars.First, you have to understand the imaging principle of infrared thermal imager.Thermal imager, just as its name implies, is to rely on thermal imaging, image display via electronic equipment, external can be all kinds of video output device.Thermal imager is according to the heat coming from the different object itself size imaging, heat size also felt that the objects in the image of the object light and shade degree.Therefore, we according to the object in the image shown in the degree of light and shade to distinguish individual objects.The root According to the characteristics of infrared thermal imager's special function is shown.Thermal imager has a very wide range of applications, as long as there is temperature difference are used.For example: in the construction field, check the empty drum, defects, ceramic tile, the tide, thermal bridge, etc.;Can find in the field of fire fire, determine the cause of the accident, find the smoke of the injured;The public security system can find night hiding.Auto production areas can detect tyre performance, air conditioning heat wire walking, engine, exhaust pipes and other performance;Medicine can detect acupuncture effect, the early detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, breast cancer and other diseases;Power check wire, joint, quick switch-off, substation, etc.


infrared thermal imager night vision binoculars to see

Through actual use

Through actual use, get some feelings: infrared thermal imager in day and night can be normal use.Light has no effect on thermal imaging.Within 3 km of observation, without shelter in, you can see 3 km in terms of contour.More obvious in the movement.Thermal imager can't through the transparent imaging ordinary glass, glass is a shelter.

In a certain period of time, human exposure to low temperature object, the heat coming from the human body will briefly on the object, and displayed from the thermal imager.

Identify thermal imager stand or fall of several parameters

The imaging effect is good, can clearly distinguish between different objects.(the actual imaging effect is good in the picture)

Note: the infrared thermal imaging lens can't directly to the sun, if you are the sun, thermal imager internal optical element is burned.