Selecting the right binoculars is a matter of picking the best combination of features for your specific needs. You should consider magnification, bulk and weight,brightness, field of view, optical quality, and cost.
For any given magnification, larger objective lenses gather more light and yield a brighter image in dim light, but result in a bulkier, heavier binocular.
The higher the power, the "shaker" the image will be, because small hand movements are exaggerated. Therefore, we recommend a binocular of moderate magnification (7x) unless more power is specifically required.
Lower power binoculars usually offer a wider field of view, allowing you to take in more of a scene at one time.
Binoculars also always come in handy, whether you're an avid hunter or an occasional audience or spectator in theatre or stadium. They are essential gear for camping and hiking, a day in the field or a vacation trip to the most adventurous location. Choosing the best binocular for your needs isn't always easy. Consider when, where and how often you plan to use them in order to select a binocular with a combination of features that are right for you. We have given you some pointers that we feel will help you make your decision, and enjoy your purchase to its fullest.