outdoor binoculars10 x42 ,panda straight type, design simple atmosphere, appearance fashion, using all-optical glass mirror, BAK4 prism glass, all broadband coating, image is clear, waterproof anti-fog, can adapt to the harsh environment.Used for adjusting ring.Can accurate positioning;Man-machine engineering waterproof skins, humanized antiskid stripes, feel good;Can rise spin eye cup, can with the lens to adjust an exit pupil distance, friends can also be used to wear glasses.

Model 10 x42                                                              Ratio (times) 10
Objective lens diameter (mm) 42                                  An exit pupil diameter (4.1 mm)
An exit pupil distance (13.6 mm)                                  Field of 5.8 ° 303 ft / 303 yds
Recently the focal length (m) 5                                     Container number (a) 10
Size (dimensions/mm) 52 x 126 x 126                          Weight (net weight/gross weight kg) 0.65/0.85
Carton size (405 * 336 * 336 mm)