Hunting binoculars10x42,hunting in the crowd with its excellent optical performance and waterproof performance, grab outdoor outlook is the heart of the peak.The world's first dynamic optical design, real-time in exercise can also experience the hd picture.Represents the hunter blue cool appearance of coexistence of tranquility and wisdom is the best choice for you.The hunter series telescope by yunnan far kam optical instrument co., LTD. (yunnan northern optical electronics group co., LTD., the original 298 factory) must be present for you, please look!


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Hunting binoculars is easy to carry, prism used: Bak4 glass, clear imaging. Take a compass, high purity nitrogen filling, shockproof, waterproof, prevent mist, more suitable for the use of the wild environment. Combined with the design of the compass, even if you can clearly identify the position in the jungle. Paul prism design elegant standard series, lens advanced multi-layer coating processing, bright vision and sharp image, reduces the image edge distortion. Outdoors, fishing, sailing and water sports in the more obvious advantages.