1) Wide-Angle Binoculars (i.e. our 7x50)
By altering the design and shape of the binoculars lenses an increased Field of View can be obtained without sacrificing power. Wide angle binoculars are ideal for sports events such as Football to capture quick movements or for races when the action is spread over a broad area or for travel where a panoramic view is desired. 
2) Zoom Binoculars 
Zoom binoculars have two power numbers which represent a range of powers. There are two kinds of Zoom Binoculars :
One is continuous and uninterrupted, the other is discontinuous and interrupted. A 8-20x50 binocular for example, brings objects from 8 to 20 times closer! For continuous and uninterrupted Zoom,it's like having 13 binoculars in one! But for discontinuous and interrupted Zoom, it's perhaps 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, or other.
3) InFocus tm - Focus Free Binoculars 
InFocus binoculars are designed without a focus mechanism. Simply pick them up and look. They aree always in focus ready to catch all the action and are proving to be very popular with people who need to look quickly to catch something such as plane-spotters, travellers and yachtsmen (who only catch glimpses of things between swells). 
Please note however that they are designed for people with normal or corrected to normal vision. The distance from which they are in focus varies from person to person. 
4) Compact Binoculars 
With the prisms positioned one over the other utilising the Roof prism design, the objective lenses and the eyepiece centres are lined up creating a compact design with full size power. Some compact binoculars will even fit into jeans pockets or a cigarette packet! 
5) Long Eye Relief Binoculars for Spectacle Wearers 
If you wear spectacles or sunglasses and look through a binocular, you may have noticed that its like looking down a long tunnel. The long eye relief binoculars such as the Future range, are especially designed to solve this problem. 
The optics within the long eye relief system direct the focal point further back behind the eyepiece so that you can see the full field of view whilst wearing your glasses (spectacles or sunglasses). 
Though all standard binoculars have eyecups that fold away to accommodate eyeglass wearers, the long eye relief binoculars provide the advantage of complete ease of use for spectacle and eyeglass wearers (and for those who don't as well in the meantime). 
6) Waterproof and Fogproof Binoculars 
This describes a binocular's ability to remain completely dry on the inside when exposed to moisture or total submersion in water. Binoculars are sealed with O-rings and are filled with 100% arid nitrogen, which also resists all forms of moisture.They have been tested underwater and proven to be completely waterproof. 
Hermetically sealed and nitrogen charged, these binoculars are fogproof in extreme temperatures and conditions as well as being completely waterproof. 
7) Rubber Armoured 
The rubber armour covering on many of binoculars absorbs shocks, provides a non-slip surface, offers some weather protection and insulates your hands against extremes of temperature. 
8) Tripod Adapter and Bracket 
When a binocular reaches higher powers (generally over 15x) you will need some assistance to hold it steady enough for comfortable viewing. While leaning against a fence or tree etc will often suffice, a much better solution is to use a tripod. Most of these models will include a tripod adapter fitting at the base of the hinge (covered by a screw-in cap).