Making an appointment with coin operated binoculars and watching whale in Cape Town, South Africa.


The introduction of coin operated binoculars worldwide

--The coin operated binoculars in South Africa.


The coin operated binoculars are everywhere in Table Mountain, in Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa, in seaside scenic spots of Atlantic and India ocean. You watch the juncture of Atlantic and India Ocean by coin operated binoculars; the sea melts in the sky at the end of the earth. It’s really like that you see the world from heaven when you overlook the Cape Town through coin operated binoculars. As you watch the tropical penguins, seals and whales appearing the seaside in Cape Town annually, you cannot do without high powered binoculars.

          South Africa is known as the garden of God, richly endowed by nature landscape, and is the tourist resort. The South African authorities install coin operated binoculars in many famous scenic areas in order to help the tourists enjoying the magnificent scenery. The appearance of the coin operated binoculars is same in many scenic spots for environmental protection in South Africa. Each scenic spots are equipped with coin operated binoculars, which is a great convenience for visitors. A large number of coin operated binoculars can be seen everywhere in many scenic areas.

     The host of the coin operated binoculars is a rectangular enclosure with two eyepieces; the shell is die casting, and has excellent waterproof performance. The host is connected to the U shaped bracket on the column and fixed on the cement circular base, which is very stable. The biggest characteristic of coin operated binoculars in South Africa is that the telescope appearance is dark green, fuses with and scenic spots, and is very harmonious in various scenic spots and the landscape. Although having been used for a long time, the appearance is still in good condition and almost keeps normal use, which shows that the quality and electrical performance of coin operated binoculars is great.



      The wheather is changeable in Cape Town, in the Atlantic, sometimes fine and warm, sometimes stormy. It’s really great that these coin operated binoculars keep normal operation. They are binoculars, convenient operation, comfortable viewing, the only drawback is that the objective lens diameter is small, only 50mm, and the optical performance of the coin operated binoculars is not good enough, and the user can not see too far and clear. not to the user see far look clear. There’s little dust in the air in South Africa, and the air is clean and bright, which is really suitable for observation on high powered coin operated binoculars.



Standing on Table Mountain, you get the feeling that the world below is suddenly belittled. It’s a pity that the resolution of those coin operated binoculars are no so good and the visitors can not have a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery.



       Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of coin operated binoculars for a long time. Against the problems that the  optical effect is poor, and the performance is not stable enough at present. The coin operated binoculars are used outdoors for a long time, and exposed to the weather and rain. It’s not easy to keep good optical performance and electrical stability.Based on over 10 years of production of coin operated binoculars, Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. launches generations of products, like Gen. I, Gen. II and Gen. III, to accept the baptism of nature. Meanwhile we study the coin operated binoculars of other countries and learn from each other.