Being close contact with walrus via coin operated telescope

--Coin operated telescope of the United States in the world

Look, hundreds of walruses lying on the beach, two walruses are biting and fighting for mating rights. The wonderful scene can be only  seen on television, but it is often staged in the Pacific Ocean shores. A lot of tourists are watching and taking pictures through the coin operated telescope on the shore.

     In the American famous Highway One, there are many beautiful scenery and wild animal habitat. The United States is the paradise of wild animals. In order to make sure the safe growth of wild animals, there are delineated tourist area in the scenic area. Americans rarely cross region. In order to help visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have close contact with wildlife, many coin operated telescopes are installed along the Highway One scenic spots. The most prominent feature is the large quantity of coin operated telescope, which looks magnificent.

  Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, one side is the sea and other side is the mountains, getting through various geographical scenery. The landscape of the famous American Highway one deserves its reputation. The scenery along the way is amazing, where make you enjoy the landscape and has no regrets.

   The main body of coin operated telescope adopts a single lens in the United States, , and the objective lens diameter is about 100 mm, the main body is a die casting molding, which has better waterproof performance. The main body is connected to the coin box through the bracket, connecting with cylindrical column; there’re two steps on the column which is convenient for children to watch.

           The coin operated telescope is light grey, melting with the sea and sky. The observation effect of monocular type coin operated telescope has no stereoscopic impression, which is not comfortable for watching. The production difficulty for  monocular type coin operated telescope is lower, comparing with binocular type coin operated telescope. The production cost is also low, but it is easier to achieve good sealing performance and better waterproof performance, so the product can withstand longer storm test and long-term use.

       It’s the best choice to sacrifice some optical performance and to make sure the long-term use by the Pacific Ocean where is humid and rainy. This model of coin operated telescope is installed by the Mississippi River in the United States.

    Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of coin operated telescope for a long time. Against the problems that the  optical effect is poor, and the performance is not stable enough at present. The coin operated telescope are used outdoors for a long time, and exposed to the weather and rain. It’s not easy to keep good optical performance and electrical stability.Based on over 10 years of production of coin operated telescope, Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd. launches generations of products, like Gen. I, Gen. II and Gen. III, to accept the baptism of nature. Meanwhile we study the coin operated telescope of other countries and learn from each other.