1) The Standard
Excellent all-around binocular for birding, shooting, hunting and outdoors. Ideal for a wide range of viewing. Comfortable size and weight. Great binoculars for a closer look at those unexpected sights. Optimum balance of magnification, brightness and field of view. 
2) Compact Binoculars
Small Size, High Power Small enough to slip into pocket or purse; strong enough to carry you into the center of the action. Rugged outdoor models. 
3) Marine Binoculars
Waterproof, Fogproof Protection binoculars deliver clarity despite foul weather conditions including fog, rain, ice, and salt water. Standard equipment for serious sailors, avid hunters, hiker and other all-weather outdoors. 
4) Zoom Binocular
Distant View, Near View Get the best of both worlds. Locate the action at a distance, then zoom in for closer inspection at the touch of a lever. Variable magnification lets you glide from the far turn to the homestretch. Great for tracking fast moving action across wide areas such as football, soccer, or racetracks. 
5) Astronomical Binoculars
Power and Brightness Approach the power of a telescope with the comfort only delivered by a binocular. These binoculars are excellent for astronomy, surveillance, and nature study where close-up detail and long distance viewing are needed even under poor light conditions.